09 January 2024

At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations - The Future of Digital Asset Trading & Lending

By Sameer Shalaby, Founder, President & CEO, VersiFi

On the heels of our Series A funding round, VersiFi Co-CEOs Sameer Shalaby and Martin Garcia appeared recently on an episode of “At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations” podcast.  In this episode, Sameer and Martin discuss what VersiFi is bringing to market, how their experience working in both TradiFi and digital assets has influenced VersiFi’s approach and their perspective on the evolving crypto regulatory landscape.

Sameer also discusses the increasing institutional demand to invest in crypto derivatives and spot trading at scale and how VersiFi’s recent fundraise, led by Hunting Hill, comes at an opportune moment for the market. Additional discussion points include current regulatory uncertainty, the critical need to build a TradFi-familiar market structure with built-in flexibility, and Martin’s recent appointment as co-CEO. Martin discusses his career history working with both digital assets and TradFi organizations, which has uniquely positioned him to understand just how transformative VersiFi’s vision is.

Lastly, Martin shares his thoughts about what the digital assets sector has in store for 2024. He predicts that an ETF approval by the SEC is imminent, which will drive up institutional adoption and, in turn, regulatory intensity surrounding crypto trading and lending.

See below for a breakdown of what was discussed. 


1:17 – Overview of VersiFi’s offering and timeliness of its Series A fundraise

4:05 – Martin’s career history, including his role at Genesis, and what brought him to VersiFi

8:30 – How VersiFi is accounting for the current crypto regulatory landscape in its business model

13:30 – Predictions for the digital asset landscape in 2024

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